Healthier Me 2013 – Going Caveman.

Oh, Nick. EC’s Alpha Caveman of the Year.


No, not THOSE cavemen. Although it’d be awesome!!

So yesterday the incredibly lovely Sidney Bristol and I were chatting. And we came to a decision.
We both need help.
I’m going to get real and a little personal here, but bear with me.

I’m okay being a big girl. I’ve always been a big girl. I come from a long line of big girls. But you know what? I’m not okay with the level of unhealthiness I’ve sunk to.
My weight is causing me problems now. Not problems finding clothes, although that is tough. But I’m not functioning as well as I should because of the extra poundage. I could go into gory detail, but nobody wants that, right?

I’m not functioning as well as a 29 year old female should be. And with my 30th birthday staring me in the face, I’ve decided to do something about it.

Sidney and I are embarking on a journey. We’re calling it Healthier Me. My goal is to lose 50 pounds by my birthday, which is in mid-July. After that, I hope to lose another 20+ by Romanticon in October. We’re going to help motivate each other, kick each other’s asses when needed, and generally do this as a team. The goal of this isn’t exactly to lose weight, it’s to get HEALTHY.

Want to join us? This stuff is always more fun with a group! Readers, authors, weirdos, everyone is welcome!! Here. You can pledge to be a part of our challenge by clicking the link!


So right now, I’m going Paleo for 30 days. Yeah. If a caveman could eat it, so can I. Here’s the basics of the Paleo diet. No grains, no sugars, no refined foods. Yup, it’s going to be tough. But with Sidney and you guys helping kick my butt, I think I can do it.

If after 30 days I’m unhappy with the way it’s going, I’ll re evaluate and try something else. But hey, it has to be better for me, right?

What are YOU doing to get healthier this year? Coming on the Healthier Me train with Sidney and I? Let me know below!




You can keep up with us here:

Sidney:  Blog | Twitter | Facebook (profile) | Facebook (page)

Regina: Blog | Twitter | Facebook

Twitter hashtag: #healthierme13

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