I’m guest blogging at Silken Sheets and Seduction today! Woohoo!

Originally posted on Silken Sheets & Seduction:

Welcome Regina Cole! I am excited to have you join us at Silken Sheets today to talk about erotic romance and your latest release. Without further ado, let’s get to the good stuff…

What genres do you write besides Erotic Horror Romance?
Contemporary Erotic and paranormal erotic under Regina Cole and mainstream contemporary and paranormal romance under my other ego, Gina Lamm

Do you write to music? If so what was the sound track to SINFUL TRUTH?
I use Pandora Internet Radio for my writing playlists, usually. I like the mix of familiar and new music that focuses on the mood. For ST, I mostly listened to my Angelspit station, which has music from KMFDM, The Birthday Massacre, Kidneythieves, and Mindless Self Indulgence, among others. Thick, gritty, dark music that helped to set the mood of this paranormal slasher erotic horror romance. (how’s that for a genre, huh?)

What is…

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